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Is the Primary Tax Payer the person who makes the most money?

I am filling in my taxes online and make more money than my husband...the form is asking me who the primary tax payer is? Is it me?

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    It really doesnt matter, in most cases the husband is listed as the primary. bottom line it just means whose name goes on the forms first

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    The "primary" taxpayer is the person whose name appears first on the return. It's irrelevant to your tax liability, you can put whichever name first as you wish. Why that archaic terminology is still used escapes me.

  • Judy
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    Generally the husband is listed first on the return, no matter who made how much. That's not legally required though. You should do it consistently from year to year though.

  • jl
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    No. The primary is simply the point of contact for the joint form.

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