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  • Male rabbits in the same cage?

    So I have a unaltered male rabbit his name is Bob hes 3 years old but I feel he gets lonely not having another bunny around so I was planing on getting Bob a friend. The bunny I wanted to get Bob is a neutered male rabbit his name is Pablino hes 2 years old but would this be a problem considering Bob is not neutered and Pablino is? Would they fight in the cage? So just tell me what you think, thanks! :)

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  • How much would it cost to get this tattooed on me?

    I was wanting to get this tattooed behind my right ear but I was just wondering how much it would cost.

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  • How to know when im ovulating?

    Me and my boyfriend have been trying to get pregnant for 5 years but it just hasnt happened. :( But I was just wondering when I am ovulating so we know which days to have sex.

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  • Guitar?? Please help me!!?

    Question 12

    A metronome is

    a tool that musicians use to help maintain a steady beat during practice

    a visual representation of meter

    the grouping of beats into equal parts

    the most recognizable part of a musical composition

    Question 13

    Which of the notes represented on the staff would have a higher pitch?





    Question 15

    Study the melody of notes. Describe the series of notes in terms of pitch direction (higher, lower, or same) and note values (quarter note, half notes, dotted half notes, or whole notes).

    Question 16

    Which type of guitar (classical, steel-string, electric) do you think is best for you? Explain your answer.

    Question 17

    Describe in your own words how to hold the guitar using the classical position.

    Question 18

    Read the following instructions for a right-hand drill:

    Begin by playing three thumb sweeps across all six strings.

    Then play three brush strums across all six strings.

    Now play three rest strokes with your thumb (p) on the sixth string.

    Next play a free stroke with each of your fingers (i, m, and a) on the third string.

    Then play three free strokes with your thumb (p) on the fourth string.

    Now play a rest stroke with each of your fingers (i, m, and a) on the first string.

    Finish by playing a thumb sweep across all six strings, allowing the sound to fade away.

    Describe in your own words how you think the drill can help you develop your right-hand skills.

    Question 19

    Describe in your own words how to properly press strings down with your left hand.

    Question 20

    Describe in your own words the difference between rest strokes and free strokes.

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  • Guitar?? Help please!!!?

    Question 1

    Meter refers to

    the tone or quality of sound

    the most recognizable part of a musical composition

    the frequency of sound waves

    the grouping of beats into equal parts called measures

    Question 2

    Pitch is determined by

    the duration of the beat

    the tempo of a metronome

    the volume of sound

    the frequency of sound waves

    Question 3

    Read the following passage from the lesson:

    Many great pieces of music have survived over the centuries because they were written down in some form of music notation. The earliest surviving piece of notated music is from Greece (third century BCE). The notation, which was carved into stone, included various Greek letters to distinguish between different pitches.

    Based on what you read, which statement best describes a benefit of music notation?

    Music notation can be helpful if it is carved in stone.

    Music notation has contributed to the preservation of many musical compositions.

    Music notation is relatively new and its benefits cannot be evaluated.

    Music notation has not contributed to the preservation of music.

    Question 4

    In guitar music, the right-hand finger names are based on

    the first four letters of the alphabet

    the Spanish name for each finger

    the French name for each finger


    Question 5

    The time signature on the staff would indicate a meter of

    four beats per measure

    three beats per measure

    one beat per measure

    12 beats per measure

    Question 6

    Electric guitars were first built starting in the

    early 1930s

    early 1960s

    15th or 16th century

    late 1800s

    Question 8

    Downstrokes may be used on

    multiple strings only

    individual and multiple strings

    individual strings only

    multiple frets only

    Question 9

    Lines and spaces on the staff are named using

    Roman numerals

    the first seven letters of the alphabet

    the names of great composers

    the first six months of the Gregorian calendar

    Question 10

    Which of the following was an important accomplishment of Antonio de Torres Jurado?

    He increased the size of the electric guitar body.

    He decreased the size of the electric guitar body.

    He decreased the size of the classical guitar body.

    He increased the size of the classical guitar body.

    Question 11

    The musical structure often used as accompaniment to the melody is called





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  • World war one? please help!?

    Describe how Germany used their power in the sea.

    Please help me!!!

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  • World war one? please help!?

    What was the cause of the United States entering World War I?

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  • World war one?? please help!?

    1.)Discuss two other main causes of World War I from the MANIAC chart and how they are connected.

    2.)Describe trench warfare and the new technology.

    Somebody please help me!!!

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  • Europe in the middle ages?? Please help!!!?

    1.Define “Feudalism” and explain the following roles:





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  • Ancient Japan?? Please help!!!?

    1.In the Japanese feudal system, explain the following roles:





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  • Picture messaging to email free?

    Ok so I have Verizon and I have 1400 minutes a month, unlimited messaging, but no internet. So I have been sending picture messages to my email and I just wanted to know if it was free or not.

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  • Can exercise delay my period?

    Ok so I started a new school so I now have to walk to school and its 3 miles their and 3 miles home and i walk my dog for a mile or 2 a day also. So now every day I walk at least 8 miles before as to before I wasn't walking at all! So its been a month sense ive started this school and had my last period. I just wanted to know if sense I started walking 8 miles a day as to before none could that delay my period?

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  • World History? Please Help!?

    Question 1

    How did Linneus classify various living things?

    According to similarities and differences

    By the blood types of each species

    According to the categories laid out in the Bible

    By DNA analysis

    Question 2

    Newton completed a scientific revolution begun in the late Renaissance by



    Sir Thomas More


    Question 3

    Newton's approach to solving problems -- the scientific method -- has three key elements. These are

    Hypothesis, experimentation, conclusion

    Observation, generalization, experimentation

    Hypothesis, observation, generalization

    Observation, experimentation, conclusion

    Question 4

    During one amazing 18-month period, Isaac Newton developed which of the following?


    Physical Laws of Motion

    Law of Gravity

    All of the Above

    Question 5

    Which of the following is NOT representative of the European Renaissance?

    Increase in trade and the growing wealth of merchants

    European exploration of other parts of the globe

    Denial of religion and rejection of Catholic Church

    Growth of European cities

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  • World History?? Please help!!?

    Question 6

    Which of the following provides for the right of Habeas Corpus?

    The U.S. Declaration of Independence

    The English Bill of Rights

    The Magna Carta

    The Rule of Law

    Question 7

    How did the Enlightenment influence how 18th century monarchs ruled?

    They tried to act in the interest of their subjects.

    They supported the new ideas of democracy and human rights.

    They tried to foster support for higher taxes.

    They were less likely to allow free speech.

    Question 8

    All of the following influenced the Enlightenment except:

    The defeat of Napoleon

    The growth of cities and a new urban culture

    The Glorious Revolution and growing democracy

    The waning power of the Church and religion

    Question 9

    All of the following are characteristics of the Enlightenment except:

    the growth of education.

    an increase in religious fervor.

    the rise of Capitalism.

    new ideas of democracy.

    Question 10

    Which of the following is not a right guaranteed in the English Bill of Rights?

    Freedom for all adult males to vote

    Freedom to petition the King

    Freedom from cruel and unusual punishment

    Freedom from excessive bail

    Please help me with these questions! (10 points)

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  • Chemistry? please help!?

    A scientist performs an experiment on an unknown element. She finds that the element forms an ionic bond with beryllium (Be) but not with lithium (Li). She concludes that the unknown element must belong in group 2 of the periodic table. State whether or not you think this result supports her conclusion, and why.

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  • Which could be true about an unknown sample with a pH of 7?

    Which could be true about an unknown sample with a pH of 7?

    It contains only water.

    It is highly acidic.

    It has a very high hydroxide ion concentration.

    It is a solution of HF and water.

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  • What do all group 2 elements have in common?

    What do all group 2 elements have in common?

    They all gain two electrons to form a stable outer energy level.

    They form covalent bonds with halogens.

    They all react easily with the noble gases.

    They tend to form ionic bonds by losing electrons.

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  • Physics? Please help!?

    Use the Internet, your library, or science textbooks to learn more about acids and bases. Identify important characteristics, chemical properties, physical properties, pH ranges, and examples of acids and bases. Ideas for reporting the information include: make lists, write a paragraph, or use a Venn diagram.

    Include the following information about acids and bases in your work:

    Chemical properties

    Physical properties


    Examples around you

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  • Does getting a tattoo on the side of your neck hurt?

    Ok so I am getting my 1st tattoo :) Im really exited but still a little scared! Im getting a pretty butterfly that I designed myself! I am getting it on the side of my neck kinda behind da ear-ish area. Before you guys go and say anything about how this is going to look bad when I get a job, my hair is going to competely cover it so you wont see it unless I pick up my hair. But I am concerned about how is going to feel, I heard that place hurts ALOT! Can I get someone elses opinion on that?

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  • How many valance electrons are in each atom?

    How many valance electrons are in each atom? How do they combine? What type of bond do they form?

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